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Why Mutual Funds?

The Advantages of Mutual Fund Investing
Mutual funds, which pool the money of many investors pursuing a common investment objective, can provide an affordable solution to pursuing a broad range of investment goals. Professional investment management, diversification and convenience are the key reasons to invest in mutual funds.

Investment Expertise
Mutual funds are managed by experienced investment professionals with the sound judgment and knowledge required to participate effectively in today's financial markets. These professionals constantly monitor the activity of these markets and are capable of effectively pursuing their fund's objectives.

Mutual funds offered through Wall Street Global are managed by money managers with combined assets under management of over USD 500 billion.

Mutual funds invest in a wide range of stocks, bonds, or a combination of the two. This helps diversify your portfolio and, in turn, reduces the risks associated with any one stock that may cause a decline in the portfolio's value.

Mutual funds invest in many different securities; they can provide a greater degree of protection against loss of principal than an investment in one specific issue. Within a well-diversified portfolio, the overall value of the portfolio should not be dramatically affected by any one stock.

Range of Investment Objectives
Mutual funds offer a variety of investment objectives, varying from conservative (emphasizing capital preservation) to aggressive (emphasizing long-term growth).

To reach your financial goals, you must find out which funds will meet your specific needs regardless of whether it is an aggressive or conservative fund.

Easy Access to Your Money
Mutual funds provide a greater degree of liquidity than most types of investments. In most cases, investors may redeem their shares on any business day at the current Net Asset Value (which can be more or less than the original purchase price).

Option for Automatic Reinvestment
Shareholders typically have the option to reinvest fund dividends and capital gains distributions allowing the fund to purchase additional shares without any sales charges.

You can invest in mutual funds with a modest initial investment. A mutual fund portfolio costs a fraction of what it would cost to develop a diversified portfolio of stocks or bonds on your own. The minimum amount of investment for funds available through Wall Street Global is USD 5,000 with additional deposits as low as USD 2,500.

Widely Popular
Mutual funds have proven to be an extremely convenient and attractive way for people to invest in a variety of different securities. More than 40 million people, or one out of every three households in America, invest in mutual funds. Currently, over USD 3 trillion is invested in mutual funds.

The first mutual fund was established in the United States in 1924. Their popularity over the past 15 years has soared because mutual funds make it easy and less costly for investors to meet their goals for capital growth, income and/or income preservation. These funds bring the benefits of diversification and money management to the individual investor by providing many different types of growth potential, furthering chances to diversify for different objectives.


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Why Mutual Funds?

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